Update September 2013

postdate 15 September 2013
In just two weeks from now we will enter the mighty Soundlodge Studios in Rhauderfehn to record our debut album! Time to present you with some details.

First of all, the album title has been set to: 'Beware the Fury of the Patient Man'.
Secondly, the album will contain a total of 10 tracks:
  1. Mr. Greedy
  2. Alcathrash
  3. Criticize
  4. Rhythm of Horses
  5. Western Civilization
  6. Vigilante
  7. Guilty Until Proven Innocent
  8. Affinity
  9. Screenplay
  10. Beware the Fury of the Patient Man
Artwork and a possible release date will be announced in the near future. Stay tuned for some studio updates!

Pre-recording Meeting

Update July 2013

postdate 16 July 2013
After an extended period of silence due to writing our debutalbum, we are finally returning to the stage again!

- July 27th, Rob Rockstoel at Musicon in Den Haag.
Other bands: Black Mesa Preservation Society, Spartan
Damage: € 3,00
Starts: 21.00

Website | Flyer | Facebook Event

- August 17th, Metal Night at Blanko in Emmen.
Other bands: Black No. 1, Degrading The Brave
Damage: € 5,00
Starts: 21.00

Website | Flyer | Facebook Event

Furthermore, we found two more reviews of 'The Human Error' EP:

NL Dutch Brutal/Death/Metal/Thrash 7.2/10
"Destitution brought their EP with sixteen minutes of good composed Thrash songs, all I can say: I can’t wait for the full length to arrive!"

PL Vladrocker 7/10
"Tylko trzy kawałki, ale ponad 16 minut różnorodnego, progresywnego thrashu na cholernie wysokim poziomie."

For a complete and comprehensive list of reviews, check the Releases section.

See you on stage!


Update April 2013

postdate 17 April 2013
Better late than never shall we say? Great review of 'The Human Error' EP in Dutch by Metalfan:

NL Metalfan
"Alsof het de gewoonste zaak van de wereld is, schudden de heren gave tempowisselingen, gitaarsolo’s en melodieën uit de mouw. Destitution doet dat lekker op hun eigen manier en dat levert zowaar nog iets als een eigen geluid op."

Furthermore, today marks exactly one year since we unleashed 'The Human Error' EP upon the world!
Perfect time for some quick statistics for those interested:

- For promotion we contacted 42 web/magazines: 37 wanted a physical cd and 5 chose a download.
- Untill today 18 reviews of the 42 have been published (efficiency: 43 %).
- From 23 web/magazines we did not receive a reaction at all.
- Only 1 cd got lost in the mailing process.

Update March 2013

postdate 23 March 2013
It has been a while since we had any news, but now it is time for an update!

First of all, we have booked the studio for September/October this year to record our first full-length album. We will once again be working with Jörg Uken at the Soundlodge Studios in Germany.

Secondly, today we did some pre-production work for the full-length. Mainly to get the feel of the songs right, filter out obstacles and preparing the metronome tracks. So far we have demoed 8 songs. Now it is time to analyse the data!

We will keep you posted as we progress.

Pre-productions 2013

Update January 2013

postdate 4 January 2013
First of all a happy new year!

This year we will continue working on our first full-length album. So far we have completed 4 songs, finished the raw structure of another 4 songs and continue the writing on a few more.

In the meanwhile enjoy Genesis on the Wreck Your Neck Volume 1 compilation by Global Thrash Assault! Stream or download for free here.

Wreck Your Neck Volume 1