Update December 2014

postdate 8 December 2014 (updated @ 19 January 2015)
New gigs confirmed for 2015:

- February 13th, Metal Battle 2015 @ Vera, Groningen
Other bands: Corvus, Foul, Lost In Bermuda, Re-Volt
Damage: € 3,00
Starts: 20:00

Website | Facebook Event

- February 14th, Kick Asss Festival @ Lucky, Rijssen
Other bands: Bleeding Gods, Blunt, Braincasket, Dead Man's Walk, Dictated, Distillator, Grim Ordeal, Mistral, Portall, Powerized, Sisters Of Suffocation, Sledgehammer Nosejob, Rotten Casket, The Covering, The Devil's 3rd, The Dutch Duke, Winner Metal Battle, X-Tinxion
Damage: € 12,50 (pre-sales) / € 15,00 (door)
Starts: 13:00

Website | Flyer | Facebook Event

- February 28th, Angelfest @ Café de Engelenbak, Doetinchem
Other bands: Ann My Dice, Grim Ordeal, Impalement, Neckbreak Nation, Player, State Negation, Warbeast Remains
Damage: € 10,00
Starts: 14:00

Website | Flyer | Facebook Event

Some photos from the Birthday Bash in Het Podium by Ad van Os (thanks Bart and Thomas!):

Photos by Ad van Os

We want to thank everyone for thrashing the Thursday at our CD Release Party in Simplon! We had a blast!
Check out these photos by André Eggens:

Photos by André Eggens

Reviews Update December 2014

postdate 8 December 2014
Reviews of our debut album still dropping in, check out 8 more (we even got a 10/10!):

DE Eternity Magazin 4/6
"Die zehn gut produzierten Tracks bieten ein gesundes Maß an Abwechslung und bleiben ziemlich schnell im Ohr hängen."

DE Evil Rocks Hard 10/10
"Reinhören, durchhören und eine Entscheidung treffen, in meinen Augen kann dies nur eine Entscheidung für den Erwerb sein. Wenn die Jungs dann live noch so fett wie auf der CD, dann steht einem Durchbruch nichts im Wege."

DE HardHarderHeavy 5/7
"Für ein Debüt klingt BEWARE THE FURY OF THE PATIENT MAN schon ziemlich ausgereift. Jetzt noch ein klein wenig mehr Variabilität beim Gesang und das nächste Album könnte die Szene ganz schön aufmischen."

DE Heavyhardes 4/6
"Die zehn Eigenkompositionen weisen anno 2014 einen transparenten aber nicht überproduzierten Sound auf. Die Instrumente kommen sauber zur Geltung und haben ordentlich Druck, klingen aber trotzdem noch angenehm rotzig."

NL LiveReviewer Magazine 4/5
"The entire album is filled with the spirit of the old days. A no-frills production, what you hear is what you get. No over the top production values, just honest metal the way it used to be. Even the awesome artwork is 80s through and through. Catchy songs that sometimes take me back to Metallica's Kill 'em All."

NL Mario's Metal Mania 82/100
"This new, full length album is a very worthy successor of their debut MCD "The Human Error". [...] Check these guys out ...and even better ...buy this album!!!"

GB Metalliville 9/10
"The thing I like about today's wave of generic thrash metal acts is that they come across a lot more cornier or looser than their predecessors of the nineties and without offending seasoned scene believers. That certainly applies amongst others to Dutch foursome Destitution."

DE Totentanz-Magazin
"Schick aufgemacht ist das Teil schon mal, mit gut gezeichnetem Cover auf dem Digipack. Sehr gut für einen Eigenvertrieb."

CD release party 20 November @ Simplon!

postdate 10 November 2014
Alright people! You almost had to wait half a year for it, but the CD release party for our debut album 'Beware the Fury of the Patient Man' is finally here! The Patient Man has been patient long enough!


November 20th: Simplon, Groningen
Other bands: Re-Volt
Damage: € 3,00
Starts: 20:30



Facebook Event

Update November 2014

postdate 10 November 2014 (updated @ 8 December 2014)
Erwin Jonkman probably made the coolest live photos we ever got at our gig at Romein, Leeuwarden:

Photos by Erwin Jonkman Fotografie

Live footage from our gig in Emmen to keep you into full thrash mode:

Video by Richard Snijder

Update September 2014

postdate 29 September 2014
Time really flies! Almost a year ago we entered the Soundlodge Studios to record our debut album. To celebrate this we digged up some short but cool footage from our pre-productions way back in March 2013. Enjoy!

By the way: we still got the uber-thrashing, fucking, kick-ass limited digipack edition of our debut album for sale! Please show your support and get your copy directly from the band here.

Video by Rainer Sievers

Reviews Update August 2014

postdate 11 August 2014 (updated @ 17 August 2014)
Check out 8 more reviews:

NL Aardschok
"Variatie troef en geen twee nummers lijken op elkaar. De productie is ook dik in orde en als je het bijzonder gave old-school artwork ziet dan besef je dat dit een debuut is waar ze mee voor de dag kunnen komen."

NL Brutalism 4/5
"What is most notable on this album is the simple and clear production. Each instrument stands out on its own while blending seamlessly with the others and the vocals are clear. There is no wonder of why the bass is so loud or why the drums are muffled."

MX Daemonum Zine 8/10
"Beware the Fury of the Patient Man no es de esos discos donde si escuchas la primera canción, después todo te parece igual, no, cada pista tiene su propia melodía y ritmo, haciendo este trabajo variado y fluido dejando escuchar los solos de guitarra y al fondo la guitarra rítmica continuando con la estructura principal, hasta se dan el lujo de usar guitarra acústica de vez en cuando."

SG Heavy Metal Tribune 3.5/5
"Still, for a debut album, Beware the Fury of the Patient Man is a commendable effort, with melodies and moments throughout the album that would easily hook you in."

US Infernal Masquerade 88/100
"As a whole, “Beware the Fury of the Patient Man” is one hell of a solid Thrash Metal release that will appeal to all the nostalgic fans of the genre, as well as to the new found fans of the current Thrash Metal revival years. If you like catchy Thrash with solid technical skills and a crystal clear production, Destitution is a band you must check out."

IL Metal Temple 7/10
"Early METALLICA or SODOM factors into a lot of the main riff choices, but the heads down uppity tempos and harmony laced guitar work of Emiel and Geert appears to be in line with a mix of HEATHEN or DESTRUCTION – while the vocals have that shouting, Mille meets Schmier way of drilling the words militantly into your brain. As far as tones and production, DESTITUTION prefer to keep things as raw and natural as possible – you can still feel and hear all the instruments, but this will never be considered one of those clear, pristine digital works that the major labels put out these days."

NL Metalfan 75/100
"De band is hard op weg om een van de betere thrash metalbands van het land te worden. Ze blijven trouw aan het geluid van de jaren tachtig en slaan wegen in waar veel leeftijdsgenoten zich liever niet aan wagen. Technisch zit de metal van Destitution erg goed in elkaar. Het is niet van het niveau Dark Angel, Atrophy of Realm, maar wel een verademing ten opzichte de grote stapel saaie straight forwardbands. Eerlijk gezegd had ik de retrothrash al doodverklaard, maar hier en daar blijven dit soort bandjes met het hart op de juiste plaats opduiken."

US The Metal Observer 7.5/10
"Too often, particularly in this day and age of ‘extreme = memorable’ for many bands, we don’t hear intentional withholding like we should. When it comes to thrash as a genre, many bands tend to think that being more frantic or chaotic will get you noticed. This is not necessarily the case and when I finished listening to Destitution’s debut Beware the Fury of the Patient Man, I felt refreshed. Rather than a balls to the wall thrash experience, these Dutch thrashers have pulled away from the chaotic and delivered a focused and driven sounding record instead."

Closing with this very cool video of Vigilante live at Cerberus by Richard Snijder:

Video by Richard Snijder

Update July 2014

postdate 14 July 2014
Recently we did an interview for Crossfire Metal Webzine, check it out here: www.crossfire-metal.de

Other exciting news: we got t-shirts!! Available in sizes M, L, XL, XXL (male) and S, M, L (female). Get yours for only € 10,- here: destitution.bandcamp.com/merch/logo-t-shirt

Reviews update

postdate 17 June 2014 (updated @ 1 July 2014)
More will be added as they drop in! Always check our Facebook first for the latest reviews!

NL Albumfeeds 9/10
"Destitution has released a good debut album. Almost all songs feature pace changes which keeps it all very interesting. If you like thrash metal, just like I do, you have to buy this album."

GB Ave Noctum 8/10
"It's aggressive, it's angry and it's perfect for banging your head to. As a debut album, it's great and hopefully more will follow on from this."

DE Cross Fire 8.5/10
"Warum solch eine gute Band eine Digipack-CD ohne Label im Rücken selbst finanzieren muss, ist nicht zu begreifen."

NL Dutch Brutal/Death/Metal/Thrash 8.5/10
"I must say I'm quite impressed by it, you can't find many proper old school thrash bands anymore but this is definitely one of them! Yes.. Destitution Kills Em All! If you like your metal pure, thrashy and old school this is a must have in your collection."

NL Lords of Metal 75/100
"Dit is thrash metal zonder poespas en zonder rare fratsen die zo strak als een maagdelijke eendenreet klinkt. Als je je aangetrokken voelt tot deze beschrijving, is 'Beware The Fury Of The Patient Man' een CD die je zeker eens zou moeten beluisteren en aan je verzameling moet toevoegen."

AU Metal as Fuck
"Still, the title track which closes the album is pretty good, and leaves the listener on a good note, so that's something of a credit in the ledger. This certainly ain't a bad release, and I'll definitely be seeing this band live should they find themselves playing in my vicinity."

NL Metal From NL 75/100
"Toch moet ik dan wel weer zeggen, dat de presentatie (artwork en boekje) en de afwerking (als in de mix) echt puik gedaan is en ik dan ook iedereen kan aanraden om een cd zoals deze te halen want veel van deze nummers blijven juist hangen omdat de eenvoud ze goed maakt."

DE Metal.de 6/10
"Jedoch muss man den Niederländern, auch wenn sie sich weitestgehend "nur" an den Pionieren des Genres orientieren, handwerkliche Fähigkeiten in der oberen Hälfte der Skala zuschreiben."

FR Music Waves 3/5
"Enfin avec le titre éponyme, Destitution signe une belle réussite, tout en nuances, et proche d'un Iron Maiden pour la montée en puissante progressive avant que heavy et thrash ne se mêlent pour un résultat impressionnant de maturité pour une si jeune formation.
Ce premier jet est de qualité et présente de bonnes dispositions. Certes le groupe est encore un peu vert mais s'il continue sur sa lancé il pourra se mêler à la lutte dans le peloton de la relève thrash. En attendant les amateurs pourront se faire plaisir avec cet album tout à fait digne d'intérêt.

DK Power of Metal.dk 75/100
"So, all in all a good and approved album, but with flaws."

DE Powermetal.de 8/10
"Ist es nicht schön, wenn längst vergessene Bitten urplötzlich erfüllt werden? Nun, DESTITUTION aus den Niederlanden hat jene nicht nur erfüllt, sondern meine Erwartungen sogar übertreffen können. Der Großteil auf "Beware The Fury Of The Patient Man" ist ausgeklügelter Melo-Thrash, wie er im Buche steht. Diese Truppe sollte man sich also hinter die Löffel schreiben, denn eventuell könnte da langsam, aber sicher etwas Großes heranwachsen."

IT Rock & Metal in my Blood 7/10
"Sfuriate, arpeggi, riff armonizzati, assoli melodici, voce iraconda, voce melodica e quant'altro: potete trovare tutti questi elementi nell'album. Direi che possiamo aspettarci diverse cose da questo gruppo. Anche la parte testuale, tutto sommato, è apprezzabile, con critiche sociali in evidenza. Insomma, il gruppo ha registrato un buon disco, in cui vi si trova attitudine ma anche voglia di uscire dai canoni del genere, concedendosi intermezzi diversi e piacevoli, che contribuiscono a non creare noia nell'ascolto e che rendono più godibili i brani del disco."

NL Wings of Death
"Samenvattend: meedogenloos pakkende, speelse, krachtige, sterk uitgevoerde oer-thrash, produktioneel in een modern jasje gestoken (mede met dank aan Jörg Uken en de Soundlodge Studio). Afwisseling is troef, geen enkel nummer verveelt. Chapeau voor dit Groningse viertal!"

GB Wonderbox Metal
"The songs have an energy about them that's propelled by the Old-School riffs."

DE Zephyr's Odem 7.5/10
""Beware the fury of the patient man" ist frisch, unverbraucht und punktet mit einer wirklich schnieken Aufmachung, kann mucketechnisch überzeugen und wenn sich Destitution weiter anstrengen, kann erneut eine Band aus Holland europaweit für Aufsehen sorgen. Macht Spaß!"

Photo update

postdate 17 June 2014
New photos from our gig at Cafe De Zolder by David Pichler:

Photos by David Pichler

'Beware the Fury of the Patient Man' out now!

postdate 12 May 2014
The 'Patient Man' has waited long enough! Today our debut album has arrived exactly 7 years after the formation of Destitution!

You can order the limited digipack CD or digital album through our Bandcamp page!

Album arrival

Update April 2014

postdate 20 April 2014
With the releasedate of 12 May drawing ever closer, we deceided to give you one more track from the album! This one is called 'Criticize':

Furthermore, we are continiously adding gigs, so be sure to keep an eye on the Live section to see if we are playing in a place near you!

Last but not least, photos from the Metal Battle finals by Aad Brouwer:

Photos by Aad Brouwer

'Beware the Fury of the Patient Man' details revealed!

postdate 20 March 2014
Old-school Thrash Metal bulldozer Destitution will release their debut album 'Beware the Fury of the Patient Man' on 12 May 2014. The 10-track album was recorded by Jörg Uken at the Soundlodge Studios and features handmade artwork by Dan Capp. The album will be available as a digipack CD and in digital format.

beware the fury of the patient man artwork

  1. Mr. Greedy
  2. Alcathrash
  3. Criticize
  4. Rhythm of Horses
  5. Western Civilization
  6. Vigilante
  7. Guilty Until Proven Innocent
  8. Affinity
  9. Screenplay
  10. Beware the Fury of the Patient Man
Listen to 'Guilty Until Proven Innocent':

Update March 2014

postdate 20 March 2014 (updated @ 23 March 2014)
Last saturday we won the semi finals of the Metal Battle at Het Podium in Hoogeveen! So next we will thrash the finals at the Atak in Enschede with Illusionless and Impalement. Thanks everyone for the support!

A nice review about the semi finals written by Bart Schaaphok can be found here.

Furthermore, we added some new gigs! Check it out at the sidebar or in the Live section and maybe we will see you on stage!

Also check out these cool photos from the Metal Battle semi finals:

Photos by Ad van Os (1-7), Joost Jansen - facebook.com/PendingTitlePhotography (8-22)

Metal Battle, gigs and album

postdate 23 February 2014 (updated @ 20 March 2014)
Hell yeah! We had a blast at the Metal Battle at Vera, Groningen last Friday. We actually won the preliminary rounds and it's now up to the semi-finals in Hoogeveen at Het Podium on March 15th!
Thanks go out to all the people who came to see us, the other killer bands Ethraid Engrin, Fearium, Foul and The Horrible Twunts, the sound and light crew, the jury and of course Grun'N Metals Combined!

Emiel and Tristan did a short interview on the Metal Battle in a radioshow called Glasnost at OOG Radio, you can listen to it here.

Besides that we are currently busy arranging gigs and finalizing work to make the albumrelease possible!

Check out these awesome photos from Vera, some also featured in a photoreport by Floor Daasvand here:

Photos by Floor Daasvand (1-15), Mischa Veenema (16-27), Ronald Beuker (28-36)

Update February 2014

postdate 8 February 2014
Nice photos from our gig at the Benzinebar. Videos of this evening can be found here and on our YouTube channel. Check out 'Mr. Greedy' below!

Photos and videos by Paul de Boer

Unfortunately our gig with Noizgate and Project Pain on April 12th has been cancelled. We are always looking for more gigs, so if you know a place or someone who can help us with this, drop us a mail at:

Join us at the next gig:

- February 21st, Metal Battle 2014 @ Vera, Groningen.
Other bands: Ethraid Engrin, Faerium, Foul
Damage: € 5,00
Starts: 20.00

Website | Flyer | Facebook Event

Metal Battle

Flyer by Julia de Jong

Update January 2014

postdate 12 January 2014
First of all the best wishes for 2014! May this be a skullthrashing year for everyone!

We finally have some updates:
  1. Website renewed
  2. Album/studio update
  3. New gigs
  4. New videos

1. Website renewed
Our website has been updated with tons of new stuff:
- Browse by year from 2008-2013 at the Photos section. Also added new pics from 2013!
- The Contact section has been renewed.
- Added a newsarchive under Home ranging from 2011-2013.
- We setup a Bandcamp were you can stream/download/buy our music and merchandise! Bookmark this link: destitution.bandcamp.com.

2. Album/studio update
We recently returned to the Soundlodge Studios for the final mix of 'Beware the Fury of the Patient Man'. It sounds oldschool as hell (thanks Jörg!) and we decided to give you a preview of a brandnew song below! Currently we are busy sorting out artwork and a releasedate. More updates will follow as we have them!

3. New gigs
We finally return to the stage:

- January 18th, B.B.Sonic @ Benzinebar in Groningen.
Other bands: Sinners
Damage: € 5,00
Starts: 21.30

Website | Flyer | Facebook Event

- February 21st, Metal Battle 2014 @ Vera, Groningen.
Other bands: Ethraid Engrin, Faerium, Foul
Damage: € 5,00
Starts: 20.00

Website | Flyer | Facebook Event

- April 12th, Metal Night @ Mike's Music Place in Haarlem. cancelled
Other bands: Noizgate, Project Pain
Damage: € 5,00
Starts: 20.00

Website | Flyer

4. New videos
Finally some live clips from our gig at Musicon, Den Haag. Check out 'Criticize' below! More at our YouTube channel.

Video by Rainer Sievers