When we founded Destitution in 2007 we had only one purpose in mind: creating old-school Thrash Metal without losing sight of melody, variation and composition. In the past each of us participated in various Thrash Metal bands, so we were no strangers to the scene. After writing and rehearsing for some years we recorded our first promo in 2009.

In 2011 a three-piece concept EP called ‘The Human Error’ emerged. It was recorded by Jörg Uken at the Soundlodge Studios in Germany and features spectacular artwork by the American artist Lee Gaskins. It was very well received by both the critics and the public.

In 2013 we returned to the Soundlodge Studios to record our debut album called ‘Beware The Fury Of The Patient Man’. It contains ten songs and the lyrical concept addresses the lack of humanity in these modern days where money and technology prevail above all else. This is also reflected in the stunning handmade artwork by British artist Dan Capp. The album was released in May 2014 and again received high praises from the critics.

From 2015 and beyond, Destitution will focus on playing select live gigs and working on new material for another concept EP.


Emiel van der Ploeg - guitar & vocals
Geert van der Laan - guitar
Robert Schutte - bass guitar
Tristan Sievers - drums


From left to right: Geert, Robert, Tristan, Emiel (photo by Henk Bosma)