LYRICS \ The Human Error

1. Radiation
2. Global Content
3. Genesis

1. Radiation

Emiel van der Ploeg

In this world that's filled with conflicts
And a world that lives on hate
Wars are no exception, is this all to blame on faith?
All the armies growing stronger
And their weapons cause more pain
Science equals murder, in the hands of the insane

Radiation, will come our way
Devastation, your dying day
Radiation, will come our way
Devastation, your dying day!

In this world that's fed by violence
And it's constant thirst for blood
Everyone claims power, to be and act like God
This nuclear invention, this hazardous machine
After killing thousands, radiation spreads unseen

Radiation, will come our way
Devastation, your dying day
Radiation, it comes our way
Devastation, your dying day!

2. Global Content

Emiel van der Ploeg

Empty grounds, and deadly air, the sight of death lies everywhere
Waters rage, and fires dance, violently our nature stands

We, have taken the world for granted, assuming it all will restore
When the threat of war got closer, we've simply chosen to ignore
The damage has been done
The damage!

Behold, in seven days and seven nights, the colours of life return
Do we deserve a second chance?
Or will we destroy this world again?
We'll destroy this world again
We'll destroy this world again!

3. Genesis

Emiel van der Ploeg

Now the time and day has come, to learn from all that we have done
Our imperfective morality, we are who we choose to be
The selfish minds of friend and foe, the will of men destroys us all
Was it God or another might that created us just to see us fight

So our Genesis began, imperfect, is the curse of men!

We could have seen the patterns in history
Instead we chose to stick to our philosophy
Times won't change, it's adapted to modern days
Free will the error of the human race!

The world's rebuild and all seems to be the same
Until we start to curse against the Holy Name
Chapter one explains how it all began
From Genesis back to radiation

Imperfect, is the curse of men!